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Adhesion Promoters

Manchem Zircoaluminates are a range of adhesion promoters developed as alternatives to traditional adhesion promoters. Manchem products significantly enhance performance characteristics such as intercoat and substrate-to-coating adhesion. Manchem adhesion promoters find use in many applications, including coatings, specialty rubbers, adhesives and plastics.

Incorporation of Manchem adhesion promoters provide the following benefits:

  • Improved wet adhesion
  • Improved salt spray and corrosion resistance
  • Improved humidity resistance
  • Improved peel strength
  • Improved cohesive film integrity
  • Improved blister resistance

Direct-To-Metal Acrylic Primer on Bare Steel – 1000 hr. Salt Spray

Salt spray test using DTM Acrylic Metal Primer/Finish on bare steel

The panel on the left is a commercially available direct-to-metal acrylic primer/finish applied to bare steel. The panel on the right is the same primer/finish with Manchem 441 adhesion promoter. After a 1000 hour salt spray test, the coating with Manchem showed no signs of corrosion beyond the scribe while the coating without Manchem exhibited significant corrosion across the entire panel. Click on picture for close-up view.

The bi-functional nature of Manchem Zircoaluminate adhesion promoters enables them to “bridge” or “couple two or more species through irreversible chemical interactions. Examples of such interactions include:



In the case of coupling a coating to a substrate, the highly metallic nature of zircoaluminates makes them uniquely reactive with metal surfaces. The inorganic functional groups chemically interact with the substrate (e.g. metal) while the organofunctional groups react with the resin producing a complex network of bridging bonds between substrate and coating. The result is significantly improved substrate wet adhesion characteristics.

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