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Adhesion Promoter Mechanism

Manchem® adhesion promoters will react with a variety of metal substrates, including phosphatized steel, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel and aluminum. Manchem adhesion promoters will also react with most pigments and fillers. It is recommended that evaluations begin with 0-3% zircoaluminate as supplied based upon resin solids.

Example: Alkyd/Polyester Coatings

Alkyd/Polyester Coatings atomic diagram

The importance of Manchem Zircoaluminate adhesion promoter is apparent in all metal finishing paint systems where the coupling agent effectively prevents exposure of metal resulting from poor wet adhesion.

Manchem diagram

As soon as any metal is exposed, osmotic pressure created within the microblister leads to blister expansion, followed by blister eruption. Corrosion of metallic substrates results. Manchem adhesion promoters retard corrosion by preventing blister initiation as a consequence of the excellent wet adhesion characteristics that the coupling agent imparts to the system.